Google Continues to Crack Down

February 26, 2011

After J.C. Penney was busted for their bad SEO techniques Google continues to crack down on companies who exhibit bad SEO practices. The latest company to come under fire is Overstock. Google says Overstock boosted its rankings by having Colleges and Universities post links to different Overstock pages in exchange for students and staff receiving a discount.

Google appears to be getting better about finding those who use bad SEO techniques to boost their rankings. Here are a few things your SEO company can do to make sure your company, whether big or small, doesn’t land under Google’s fire.

The biggest thing is cloaking your website. This means having one website that a human sees but another website that the search engine sees. Some say this is the dirtiest trick in the book and it’s a definite no according to Google standards.

Acquiring links from sellers or in exchange for something will also violate Google’s polices.

Keyword Stuffing is when you use too many keywords hoping to get noticed, or putting keywords in hidden text, tiny font sizes, or different colors. You can work with an SEO company to determine which keywords will be best for your business to focus on and then stick to those.

In the online competitive world you can’t afford to have your rankings diminished from bad SEO tactics. Work with a reputable SEO company to make sure you won’t have any problems with your rankings.

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