Google Analytics Now Shows Who is Linking to You

May 9, 2012

Google has recently announced a new feature to Google Analytics that will be able to show you who in linking to a certain page on your website.

Google said in their announcement:

Have you ever wondered which other pages on the web link to your own? Wouldn’t it be nice to know which sites are talking about your content, and in which context? Well, a problem no more: now you can see all the backlink URL’s, post titles, and more right within the new Social reports.

If only you could crawl the web and build an accurate link graph. The good news is we already do that at Google, and are now providing this insight to Google Analytics users.

Trackbacks will be beneficial, because you’ll be able to see who is linking to the content on your pages. It allows you to see the content that is linked to the most so that you have a better understanding of what works for you.

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