Google Analytics Can Now Measure Social ROI with Social Reports

March 21, 2012

Yesterday, Google Analytics announced new social reports that help marketers measure ROI for social media activities.

While social media is valuable from a ranking and branding standpoint, it’s been harder to measure the success of it, so people have been skeptical about using it. SEO is easier to measure than social media since it’s more mature.

The new reports are supposed to “tie social activities and referrals to measurable, meaningful economic value so businesses can more effectively evaluate which social channels are impacting their bottom line, and which tactics will lead to measurable economic value,” said Phil Mui, the Google Analytics group product manager.

The new social reports will be located under the “Social” tab in Google Analytics. They should be available between now and the next few weeks.

After the change, reports will include: Overview, Sources, Pages, Conversions, Social Plugins, Social Visitor Flow, as well as the current ones: Engagement, Action, Pages.

While Google Analytics to measure social ROI isn’t perfect, it is a big step in being able to measure ROI. This helps to better prove the value of social media and how helpful it is to increase conversion. Google Analytics is now more than just SEO. It’s beginning to be able to track all aspects of your website.

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