Our Presentation: Google Adwords Secrets Revealed by Google Experts & National Positions!

April 30, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webinar on Google Shopping and E-Commerce Marketing! We had a lot of fun geeking out over Product Listing Ads and the future of product search. A special thanks to Googlers
Kelli Prakash and Samir Janveja for co-hosting the webinar with and providing such keen insight. Business owners and marketing pros are always speculating what Google is thinking, so it was a huge asset to have Kelli and Samir tell us a little but about what’s happening in Mountain View and how it impacts your business.

In case you missed the presentation, we embedded slides from our webinar so you can take a closer look at what we discussed.

The presentation will teach you e-commerce secrets like
1) How you can cheaply increase sales while the competition is low.
2) How to use pricing in your ads and double your CTR’s and revenue.
3) How powerful new Adwords Beta boosts sales from unconverted visitors.
4) When and how to use pricing in ads
5) Display and remarketing strategies that work

Thanks again for attending. We’ll see you next time!

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