Google Adds “+1” Button to Adwords

June 3, 2011

Google is officially adding the “+1” button to Adwords advertising. Google has been trying to combine search usability and advertising with social media. This button is a very direct sales approach by having an advertisement with an implicit endorsement from a friend or person you know on Google. The question is, will it really help the consumer?

This button is similar to a Facebook “like” button for ads. It will provide a better click through rate, or CTR, through this “social proof”. By having more advertisement exposure and extra social proof then you will have a higher CTR as well as a lower CPC, or cost per click rate.

We don’t think this new Google tool will be successful for two main reasons. First, there is almost no website owner incentive. Whereas Facebook allows publishers to entice people to “like” their page in order to get exclusive content, Google prohibits this. Second, there is no social value and therefore no incentive. Google thinks people will use this button in order to steer their friends to good websites. This is completely different than on Facebook where if you like a page, then you can see what pages your friends liked and this leads to interaction. With Google’s tool, there is no social interaction.

Whether it’s successful of not, here’s what we suggest you do. If Google’s new tool works, then your company needs to take advantage of that while it works. This is because if your company doesn’t but your competitors do, then you will lose sales. If you adopt this tool early enough, then you might see a higher click through rate. So your goal will be to get the consumers who visit your company’s website to “+1” your company. With the increased CTR, you should be trying to take advantage of all those visitors on your site in order to maximize your company’s total “+1” number.

In order to take advantage of this new tool you need to implement the “+1” button code in a noticeable place on your company’s website. An especially good place for this button would be on your company’s informational pages where your consumers are the most likely to use this button if they find your content well done and helpful. Other good places to implement this button are on your company’s landing pages or on your blog pages.

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