Google acquires app developer Slide

August 9, 2010

Last week Google announced that it is taking over social networking app developer Slide Inc. It seems that Google is taking steps to compete with Facebook to evolve into more than just a search engine. By adding the development team to its payroll, Google will likely begin creating a product that will allow for more social media features on the search giant. Slide makes various applications and virtual goods for social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. The developer will likely shift its focus to promoting Google products and services across various social media. What does this mean for your SEO? A good SEO Agency will see this takeover as another indication of how Google will work as a search engine. For example, Google already owns YouTube, and now a lot of videos come up in relevant search results. Your SEO company should anticipate the changes to Google that will take place as social media becomes more powerful on the Internet. By managing your social media presence and optimizing your sites and profiles for the latest trends in social networking, your agency can adapt your website for changes in Google’s algorithm. Your website can maintain and increase its rankings by staying current with the latest updates from major search engines and anticipating how the news (such as the addition of a social media app developer) will affect search engine results.

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