How to Get the Most out of Your Guest Blogging

January 30, 2013

With content marketing on the rise, more and more marketers are realizing the value of generating links through guest blogging. With the influx of guest posts predicted to continue as we move further into 2013, it will be more important than ever for your guest blogs to be high-quality in order to make an appearance on some of the top outside blog sites.  By following some of these helpful tips you can not only get your guest posts hosted, but ensure your links are long lasting and valuable.

Post within your niche: Choosing to try to post to sites that are in the same, or a similar, niche as your business means your guest blog will not only make sense on their site (thus making it more likely to get posted), but that your blog post will be more likely to reach, and be read by, members of your target audience.

Pay attention to page authority: Check out a site’s page rank and page authority before you share a guest post. And don’t stop there, do your research: read through some of the postings, see if people are sharing, commenting, and more so you can see for yourself what the community around this blog is like and what it could do for your business if your post was hosted here.

Pick quality sites: Pick blogs with high subscriber rates, frequent posts, relevant and non-spammy content. Ask yourself, would my target audience read the posts on this site? How natural does this site’s link profile seem? Avoid sites that have no contact information, have an overabundance of ads, or take months to get your content up. Look for sites that are high-quality, sites that look reputable, sites that are posting their own content, not just hosting guest posts. If you want to appear like an authority and generate valuable links, picking a valuable site is an important first step.

Make your blog posts quality: Having well written content isn’t enough. You need to read what other people in your industry are writing, to pay attention to what you audience is interested in, and more, so that you can write posts people want to read and sites want to host. Part of quality content in 2013, especially if you want your guest blogs hosted on the top sites,  is making sure it’s not just useful but it’s unique, original, creative, fresh, and shareable. Use humor, be colloquial, be helpful, and, it may sound obvious, but be interesting  Try incorporating keywords relevant to the site you want to have your guest posts on, but make sure it’s different from anything else that’s been posted before. This kind of content is rewarded by guest blog sites and search engines alike, and will help you get your posts onto the most valuable sites–meaning you’re getting the most valuable links.

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