Factors that Influence Social Media SEO

March 16, 2011

There has always been a debate about whether or not social media influences your SEO. If you are one of the people that thinks that SEO is helped by your social media efforts, and you should be, then there are a few factors to keep in mind when building your social media presence and working with your SEO company.

The number of followers on Twitter is obviously important. Having a corporate Twitter feed is important and it’s important to make sure everyone knows which of the many Twitter feeds out there is your corporate feed. Linking to your Twitter and Facebook page on your website will clear up the confusion and help you get followers and “likes.”

Not only is the number of Twitter followers important but the quality of followers is, too. The more high-value people who follow you are actually interested in your field and reteweet your stuff, the better results your Twitter account will get. This also goes along with the relevance of followers. If you are in the fashion industry and someone with the name “fashion” in their name retweets your message that looks good. You want followers to retweet your tweets because you want to engage in conversations with people.

Much of the rules of Twitter apply to Facebook as well. You want a number of fans, but you also want engagement. You want comments from people and you need to respond if necessary. Successful Facebook pages have a lot of content that is included from other people.

For YouTube, you want to see a good number of views and comments on the videos you post. Viewers of your YouTube videos can also like or dislike the video. The more liked your content is the better people will respond to it.

On all of your social media accounts there are tools that can monitor your positive or negative brand mentions. The tools aren’t 100% accurate since sometimes sarcasm is involved but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Putting all of this together and engaging with your target audience through social channels can benefit your SEO strategy because people will be buzzing about your brand and visiting your site if you provide them with quality content to share.

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