Facebook Marketing 101

September 4, 2010

 Benefits of Marketing on Facebook

Today I am going to be talking about why you should seriously consider adding Facebook to your overall content marketing campaign.
More and more business owners are realizing that Facebook is not just good for connecting with friends but it is an excellent medium for generating more business and for connecting with current clients. 

In the Compete.com graph below I compare the number of unique visitors on Facebook (blue) versus Google (green). You will see that over the last year Google traffic has remained more or less flat while Facebook unique visitors have are slowly but surely gaining ground. If the trend continues then Facebook will ultimately become more popular than Google.

So where do you begin on a Facebook campaign? The first step is to create a Facebook Page. A Facebook page is similar to a Facebook profile but ‘Pages’ are design for business. Your Facebook business ‘Page’ is publicly indexed and included in the search engine results. Facebook user can by default become “fans’ without first requiring approval. Knowledge of fbml (face book mockup language) allows you to customize your profile to match your website and other branding elements on your website.

Creating a Presence
Facebook is viral and with the right content, activities and rich media (videos, apps) you can attract Facebook followers known as fans. Just like fans who support a sports team you want to attract fans who support and are interested in your company.
Facebook pages are easy to maintain and are design for novices with little or no web design skills. All you really need to know if how to log in and make posts.

You can think of your Facebook Page as a mini corporate website where you can post videos, blogs, company updates and even Twitter updates. Just like personal profiles, you can upload pictures, add information to your wall, add applications and encourage “friends” or “fans” to join.
If you plan events you can add these to your group or fan pages. Events can go viral as any Facebook user that signs up for one of your events will have that event show up on their events dashboard. This of course will be displayed to their friends who in turn might also sign up for the event.

If you’d like to share your experience developing your Facebook Page, please post a comment below.

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