Facebook Like vs. SEO Link

November 24, 2010

A very good article can be found here which warns of the dangers of relying too heavily on page links to get a site rated high in SERP. The social media revolution is transforming the internet into more of a community of trusted recommendations from friends and colleagues and less a yellow-pages style directory. Even more so than in the past, successful internet marketing strategies must therefore make sure they appeal to people as well as search engine algorithms to promote their brands.

It may seem that Facebook pages are an afterthought in marketing a brand in the world of right now, but in the not-too-distant future they could become the first line of communication between products and their customers. Search engines are going to keep up with the times. If a brand develops a good relationship with its customers through Facebook, that information will inevitably find its way to Google and Bing. 1,000,000 ‘Likes’ can’t be wrong.

In some ways, this can be seen as removing a layer of abstraction from the internet. The days of individual users depending on a complex computer formula to give them the best answers are so last decade. Why ask a machine to tell you the best chinese restaurant in town when 20 of your trusted friends like Chef Lee’s?

Social media is only going to continue to grow. It is the natural evolution of what the web was designed for, after all. Search engines, like everything else, must adapt with the times or fade into irrelevance. Google and Bing are certainly paying attention to what is happening on Facebook, and know it will affect their strategic decisions in the coming months and years. A strong social media campaign today could equal good SEO tomorrow.

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