Facebook launches “Facebook Home”

April 5, 2013

In case we all didn’t compulsively check Facebook already, Facebook has now removed any remaining barriers between us, and the latest status updates.

This week, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook “Home,” offering a new home screen experience for Android phones, as well as their own Facebook branded phone, the HTC “First.”

Because, really, who doesn’t want another excuse to check their Facebook page basically all the time?

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was excited to announce this new home screen strategy on April 4th. And while Facebook Home may not seem like a major development, it reveals a lot about where technology, social media, and more are headed.

What Facebook Home means for Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is everywhere, and with an even more visible presence on mobile phones, this trend is only on the rise. The new program is marrying the smartphone-Facebook relationship in an entirely new way, and making the two more integrated than ever.

What the new Facebook home screen experience serves to show is that mobile users don’t just care about social media, they’re now being exposed to it (or have the option to be exposed to it) from the very moment they turn on their phones.

Facebook updates, photos, news feeds, and more have only been a tap or two away for your customers, but now, Facebook activity isn’t even that limited distance away anymore. With Facebook Home, Facebook status aren’t something that will have to be sought out, they’ll be delivered straight to a users home screen. Cover feed pictures can be browsed, notifications received, status’ liked, and more, all without ever leaving the home screen—no tasks or apps involved.

With even less barriers to social media engagement than ever, Facebook Home is proof that your business absolutely needs to have an effective and engaging social media marketing strategy.

Your customers can interact on Facebook from anywhere, and now it’s even easier. That means it’s more essential than ever that your brand have a Facebook page, complete with quality content, eye-catching images, frequent updates, consistent engagement, and more.

Facebook Home gives us a snapshot of the direction things are headed in the tech world—so, if you want to take advantage of a means of communicating and engaging that’s growing more popular and more omnipresent every day, now’s the time to get seriously involved in the social media world we’re living in.


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