Facebook Analytics Tool to Measure More Than ‘Likes’

April 19, 2012

In the upcoming weeks, Facebook plans on introducing a new feature, “Action Measurement,” as part of its ads management platform that will give marketers the opportunity to see how their Pages’ fans are reacting to their ads.

Facebook’s latest feature will be found in their Ads Manager. It will allow marketers to customize ads for the consumers that the ads best apply to. The Action Measurement feature will look like a pie chart and column.

As of now, marketers are able to use Facebook’s Ads Manager to create ads, direct them towards certain demographics and measure how successful each campaign was. Once the “Action Measurement” feature comes along, marketers will also be able to get a better understanding of how users engage with the ads.

These are the features that will be able to be measured by Facebook:

  • -People talking about this; this will include Page likes, Page post likes, Page post shares, comments, @mentions, check-ins, photo tags, offers shared, offers claimed.
  • -App installs
  • -App used
  • -Credit spend events (how many times credits in the app are used)
  • -Credit spend amount (value of credits spent in app)
  • -Number of RSVPs

Marketers will be able to take this information and optimize their ads so that they are more successful when it comes to the people that they want to target.

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