Facebook Adds MySpace as a Friend

November 19, 2010

Upon reading the headlines, the word brought back a bit of nostalgia for a world that seemed very long ago. When access to the random thoughts of celebrities was limited only to the faux pas occasionally made when a microphone was in front of them. When mothers didn’t always know the trouble their kids were getting into every day, or how bad their spelling sadly was. In short, a world with more space than we have today. The word was MySpace.

So what exactly was this Facebook / MySpace ‘joint announcement’? As it turns out, MySpace has apparently decided to leave the social networking to the company that did it so well they made a movie about it you might have heard of. Users may now log in to MySpace with a Facebook connection, with the added benefit of having their ‘likes’ carried over. When a user logs into Myspace, his or her page is automatically customized, tailored to that person’s likes.

Initial observations would suggest that MySpace is reinventing itself as something of a marketing tool for the entertainment industry, with some community elements. However, the redesigned MySpace is unfortunately still in beta, and several attempts after connecting through Facebook resulted in error messages before the depth of its new design could be fully explored.

It remains to be seen whether the Facebook connection will create enough incentive for users to want to explore MySpace’s offerings. But with its apparent change in direction to focus on movies, music, television, etc. in lieu of the social networking experience, MySpace must now be viewed from a marketing perspective more as a niche market than a social media revenue opportunity.

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