5 Mega Trends that Will Impact SEO in 2017


eBookWebCover_5_MegaTrends 2017Welcome to the NP LEARN resource and our latest eBook, 5 Mega Trends that Will Impact SEO in 2017. Inside, you’ll find the 5 blockbuster Mega Trends predicted to impact your SEO success throughout 2017. We include a practical series of Action Steps for each prediction, comprising a useful guide you can consult all year long.

In 5 Mega Trends that Will Impact SEO in 2017, find out:

  • Why mobile optimizing is the biggest SEO factor of all
  • What content marketing really means now
  • How voice search will affect the total search picture 
  • What is the Google ecosystem and how to cope with it
  • How to outsmart AI (artificial intelligence)

We invite you to download your free copy now, and start arming yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to compete in the ever-changing SEO arena. Feel free to share this download with a colleague or friend! Thanks for your interest in National Positions Learn resources.



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