Doing SEO the Right Way: The Lessons from the J.C. Penney Scandal

February 18, 2011

After news broke of the J.C. Penney SEO scandal, doing SEO the right way is on a lot of people’s minds. SEO is still very important but it can be a tricky line making sure you allow the search engines to find you for relevant topics and not deceiving it.

For those who aren’t aware of the scandal, J.C. Penney was the top search for many products throughout the holiday season due to various “black hat” SEO techniques used by their SEO company.

There are some things you can make sure your SEO company is doing so you don’t run into the same problem that J.C. Penney did.

Pay attention to the work your SEO company is doing. Find an SEO company who prides itself on doing things the correct way and follows guidelines set forth by search engines and still be aware of rankings. Remember that short-term results may not equal out to long-term results.

Instead of getting links from link brokers and sellers make sure your SEO company uses a diversity of link sources as well as using keywords.

You shouldn’t be concerned about outsourcing your SEO to a company, as many companies don’t have their own SEO team to help them, but just remember to ask questions about what your SEO company is doing and where links are going. Just use the J.C. Penney incident as a reminder to be on top of things and not to forgo doing SEO all together.

By following best practices and engaging in industry-accepted methods of organic SEO, you can see your rankings increase naturally with relevant content and useful information for your clients. Deceiving the system into thinking you are the best source of information not only hurts your rankings, but it can hurt your business when your target audience and potential customers uncover the truth.

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