Does Facebook Timeline Raise Brand Engagement?

March 27, 2012

When the new Facebook Timeline for Businesses was announced, you might have been worried that it would affect your business negatively. Not to worry, because research from Simply Measured shows that brands are actually getting 46% more engagement on average with the new Timeline.

Since only 15 brand pages from early adapters were sampled, the results might not give a true representation of how much more engaging the Pages actually are. While a couple big companies haven’t benefited as much as they can from Timeline, the majority of the companies sampled have had more interaction since making the change over. The average of the results is weighted to include how much engagement per post there is.

What was found was that status update engagement decreased due to Timeline. Interactions with videos and photos posted by brands rose. This can most likely be attributed to the larger videos and images being more visually appealing than a status update.

What Should You Do?

What you can do as a business owner or marketer is to post more visual material. It’s clear with the rise of sites like Pinterest that users are captivated by images and videos. Use this to your advantage and interact with users in a way that you know they’re more likely to respond. Sure, it might be a little more work, but if you leverage some of your older videos or photos that you find valuable and informative, it can get users interested in them again.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop posting status updates. They’re still important to let users know what’s going on with your business. Perhaps if your status update is one that you want to make sure users see due to it having valuable information on it, you can pin it to the top of your Timeline so you get the desired interaction.

With just a couple days left before brands are all going to be switched over to Timeline, will you be ready for the change?

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