Choosing the Right Keywords: Things to Consider

June 28, 2011

Hearing that keyword research and selection plays a crucial role in SEO probably isn’t groundbreaking news to you, but conducting the right research and selecting the proper keywords for your SEO model is undoubtedly extremely critical for SEO success. Too many businesses underestimate the time and quality of keyword research that’s needed for getting optimal traffic and bottom-line results. Here are some things you should consider so your business can be sure all the crucial bases of keyword research are covered.

The technology of keyword tools is excellent for indicating keyword popularity. Be sure to use multiple keyword tools as it expands your knowledge of traffic statistics so you can better recognize what keywords are right for your SEO campaign. People conduct keyword research to gauge the volume of people searching (or not searching) for certain keywords or keyword phrases. Researching keyword popularity can help your business measure how much potential traffic and leads may flow to your site with certain keywords and which keywords are irrelevant to your SEO campaign in terms of driving traffic. However, researching traffic volume shouldn’t be the only base you cover when doing keyword research.

Many businesses lack focus on this important area of keyword research: competition. The level of traffic searching for keywords is extremely crucial to consider, but so is the level of competition for keywords. Briefly checking the competition level for a keyword isn’t enough either. Dig deeper – look at metrics and the amount of links regarding your keyword to accurately indicate the competition.

Don’t forget to evaluate how relevant and practical a keyword or keyword phrase is for your brand and your business. Picking a keyword only because it has high traffic volume isn’t a smart business move if it doesn’t fit with your brand. Make sure it really pertains to your product, service, and company. Refining your keywords more (versus focusing on general keywords for your given industry) will probably benefit your business more since there will be less competition for your keywords. You’re also more likely to see better conversion rates from narrower keywords too.

Measuring traffic volume with various keyword tools, thoroughly gauging competition, and selecting keywords relevant to your brand will help your business choose the right keywords for strengthening your SEO campaign and giving you bottom-line results.

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