7 Best Viral Campaigns of 2017

January 8, 2018
Viral. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that word? It doesn’t paint a pretty picture in your head, does it? But when it comes digital marketing campaigns, “viral” actually means something incredible. It means you did it. You won the Internet. So what does it really take to make a digital marketing campaign go viral? To create a campaign that everyone’s heard of – that everyone’s talking about? It demands a seamless strategy, impeccable

National Positions’ Top 10 of 2017!

December 26, 2017
With all that has happened in the world of digital marketing over the past year, knowing how to approach 2018 can be a strategy in and of itself! Every year, we work to bring new and dynamic content straight to your door - to help pull back the curtain and show you what’s happening, changing, or approaching the world of digital marketing. After all - the more you know, the more you can adapt. But before we dive headfirst into

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