Why Should e-Marketers Care about Amazon Spark?

September 20, 2017
Amazon has unleashed a new feature designed to match shoppers with products and pair businesses with customers. It’s called Amazon Spark. A cross between Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, it’s goal is to facilitate product discovery. But how? And what should e-marketers know about the new Instagram-style feed? Amazon Steps into the World of Social Media When you think of social media, Amazon hardly comes to mind. Aside from its product reviews, the online behemoth isn’t known for facilitating user-to-user interaction. That’s

5 Ways to Drive More Leads Via Facebook Marketing

September 14, 2017
Facebook marketing helps businesses expand their reach, establish their brand identity, find loyal followers, and promote their content. But did you know you can use the social media platform to generate leads? If Facebook isn’t a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, then you need to reconsider your approach. Here’s why you should take advantage of Facebook Ads and what you can do to get the most mileage out of your account. Easy Pick or Epic Showdown? Facebook Ads Versus

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3 Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook:

July 17, 2017
With several digital marketing channels available to businesses today, one channel in particular stands out from the rest: Facebook. With the vast data and information Facebook has about its users, Facebook advertising is allowing businesses to reach current and new customers easier than ever. If you’re unsure if Facebook advertising is right for your business, read on to find out if it is the platform you can’t afford to pass on. Facebook Has Billions of Users  There are currently two

Growth Tactic #86 Drive Conversions on Targeted Social Media

May 5, 2017
Although participating on social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) helps grow your business, no one ever said driving conversions would be free. In order to get a little, you need to give a little, and creating targeted social media ads is one way to do it. Ads may make a slight dent in your wallet, but in the end, they can pay off. Learn how you can Drive Conversions on Social Media in Growth Tactic #86, the next step

Growth Tactic #83 Time Your Social Media Posts to News & Events

May 2, 2017
Everyone else is doing it...If the majority of your followers on social media are posting about a world event, breaking news, a holiday, or a viral video…why aren’t YOU? Sometimes following the crowd and hopping on a trend isn’t tacky…it’s smart. So, if there’s any time to practice to your “sheeple” skills – it’s now. Little do they know – you’re a sheep with a strategy. Learn how to Time Your Social Media Posts to News & Events and gain followers,

Growth Tactic #75 Say It Out Loud–Blog Commenting for Social Engagement

April 20, 2017
Level of social engagement and interaction are key indicators that something is working…or not. When it comes to blog posts, the more comments people see, the more alluring posts become. Why? Because (for good or bad) they've been dubbed “popular.” And we really like popular. So, for selfish reasons (getting your own name out there), try performing the seemingly selfless act of  blog commenting on others’ posts. Intrigued? Learn more in Growth Tactic #75: Say It Out Loud--Blog Commenting for
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