Growth Tactic #99 Stand Out in the Crowd to Get Your Business Seen

May 24, 2017
What’s your marketing shtick? You’ve got killer content, an incredible product or service, a rock star team with unmatched customer service skills…what more could you need? What more do people want from your brand for crying out loud!? They want you to be different, but also relatable. So, your job is to dazzle them with a shareable, viral campaign they’ve never seen before – yet can instantly connect with. Find out how you can manage the impossible with Stand Out

Growth Tactic #79 Find a Social Partner for Shared Growth

April 26, 2017
Growing your business is not a solo job—good thing that sharing your growth with a social partner is a great way to expand online reach and bring more people to your website. Let’s start with the basics: who is a social partner? Any business owner who has a message or customer base that’s similar to yours can qualify. Even if you’re not a social butterfly, stepping out of your comfort zone and making friends in the business world could be

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Growth Tactic #49: Simplify Your Landing Page

March 15, 2017
Who can afford to waste time online, wading through irrelevant details? It’s a good bet that you can’t, and neither can your site visitors. Spare them the effort and instead, let them see exactly what you have to offer, right up front. Learn more in our Growth Tactic #49, Simplify Your Landing Page, another winner in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. OVERVIEW - Simplify Your Landing Page When your message is clear and uncluttered, with a value proposition right up

Growth Tactic #20: Successful Guest Blogging & Relationship-Building

February 2, 2017
Discover the best way to pitch your guest blog idea and learn how you can use these guest blogging opportunities to build relationships. Successful Guest Blogging & Relationship-Building is Growth Tactic #20, the newest tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. We're offering our favorite tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017! Overview -- Successful Guest Blogging & Relationship-Building Stop guessing…and start guest-ing! The benefits of guest blogging on other well-respected and prominent sites are

12 Ways to Repurpose Great Content for No Cost

December 24, 2016
12 Ways to Repurpose Great Content for No Cost The content on your website is a key factor in drawing in visitors. No doubt, you invest time and money in making it work to attract, acquire and convert customers. Stretching your investment so that you get the most use of your content has two distinct advantages for your business. First, it saves money when you use existing content in multiple ways. Second, your business can reach new users by delivering

15 Brilliant Email Subject Line Tests that Work

December 9, 2016
The email campaign remains one of the most durable online marketing programs out there. However, as more consumers than ever try to limit their association with any company they have not directly opted into, the open rate for unsolicited or generic emails continues to drop. If you want to keep your clickthrough rate high, you need to invoke different kinds of A/B test procedures to vet your hooks. Here are 15 brilliant ways to test your email subject line choices.
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