Growth Tactic #98 Support a Good Cause and Grow

May 23, 2017
Doing well by doing good—it’s not a new idea, but as long as there is a need for good causes and the organizations that address them, there will be a need for companies willing to pitch in. Smart business owners and marketers know the benefits and rewards for those ready to Support a Good Cause and Grow. Learn their secrets in Growth Tactic #98 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan—and do take note—there are only 2 more to go before

Growth Tactic #95 Make the Most of Your Onboarding Email

May 18, 2017
Every email you send matters. But the first one you send to a new subscriber, client, or interested party – well that one matters even more. Find out how to Make the Most of Your Onboarding Email with Growth Tactic #95–the newest tool for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan toolbox. OVERVIEW--Make the Most of Your Onboarding Email  In Growth Tactic #19, we tackled the universal (but oh so important) Welcome Email.  Sometimes, all your list needs is a little recognition

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Growth Tactic #94 Make a Competitor Comparison Chart

May 17, 2017
How often have you wondered about the best way to make your company stand apart from its competitors? Here's a no-fail tip for taking your business to the top with a competitive analysis. Differentiating your brand from its competitors will show your clients why your product or service out-performs others. Find out how in Growth Tactic #94, Make a Competitor Comparison Chart. It’s next up in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. OVERVIEW--Make a Competitor Comparison Chart It’s important to know what’s out

Growth Tactic #93 When Customers Leave–Learn from an Exit Interview

May 16, 2017
It’s not about you—it’s about them. Well, more accurately, when someone walks away from your business, it’s all about their customer experience. The worst thing you can do is to take it personally (easy to say, right?). This should help: focus on how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future, with our advice from Growth Tactic #93 of your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, When Customers Leave—Learn from an Exit Interview. OVERVIEW--When Customers Leave--Learn from an Exit Interview  

Growth Tactic #89 Research and Report on Industry Trends

May 10, 2017
You may be working from your garage now, but tomorrow, you intend to occupy a place of importance in your industry. So, what about today? Today, it’s time to practice some industry leader-style reputation building. Don’t underestimate yourself or your business, and don’t worry about getting from here to there—we’ve mapped out the road for you in Growth Tactic #89, Research and Report on Industry Trends. It’s an important tactic in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. OVERVIEW--Research and Report on

Growth Tactic #88 Optimize Your Email Signature

May 9, 2017
If you’re currently taking the “name + contact info” dead-end approach when it comes to your email signature, you’re missing an opportunity. Change it up with Growth Tactic #88, Optimize Your Email Signature, the next tip in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. Don’t just end your emails on a good note–close them with a call-to-action.   OVERVIEW--Optimize Your Email Signature  You should always be selling. Even if you’re not the sales guy (or gal). Anywhere you can slip in a
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