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Pink Princess has been in the children’s clothing business for over ten years. After exposing their brand to the online marketplace, they saw a huge leap in sales and were able to focus on the niche market of formal wear for children. They are now an industry leader in both girls’ dresses and boys’ formal wear.


Pink Princess wanted to increase their audience reach in order to promote a specific product line. They had a respectable following with just over 1k followers on Twitter and 12K followers on Facebook, but they knew they would have to reach out to a fresh audience if they wanted to make a real impact.


National Positions conducted a detailed industry analysis and cross-referenced it with their base of Influencers to find Mama Knows It All, an active, popular force in the “mommy-blogging” world. After connecting with them on the GrowInfluence platform, we were able to kick-start the Influencer campaign.


Mama Knows It All ran a piece titled Spring Dresses for Your Little Princess, featuring three Pink Princess dresses with links to each dress on the Pink Princess website. The post was published on the Mama Knows It All blog and its associated social media pages, extending the Pink Princess brand to their thousands of followers, who in turn commented on, shared, liked, and retweeted the post.


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