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Ultimate Class Airfares
Travel Agency

Ultimate Class Airfares is a business and first class luxury travel agency which offers pricing discounts of up to 75%. Their highly experienced team has years of success arranging travel to all parts of the globe – most specifically in the Asian market.


Ultimate Class Airfares’ needed more exposure and brand awareness, in order to grow beyond their loyal customers. This would require a greater focus on increasing their reach and bringing in new, qualified clients, by highlighting their expertise in round-trip travel in Asia.


We turned to their proprietary Influencer platform and reached out to a select handful of top travel leaders online. National Positions determined that the best influencer travel blogger, “Man on the Lam,” would be the most efficient way to spread the word about Ultimate Class Airfares.


“Man on the Lam” wrote a blog featuring Ultimate Class Airfares entitled, What to Pack in Your Carry-On for a Long-Haul Flight, which linked back to their site. This blog post was shared socially over 500 times, directly from “Man on the Lam’s” post. For further exposure, the blog was promoted via “Man on the Lam’s” Facebook and Twitter accounts. The first week the post went live, Ultimate Class Airfares saw a 300% increase in leads and 171% increase in traffic over the prior period.


Ultimate Class Airfares CEO, Heidi Clawson said it best, “I’ve been astonished with National Positions’ willingness to go above and beyond, and the results I’ve seen mirror that intensity.”


Ultimate Class Airfares continues to dominate the custom luxury travel industry, due in part to our strategic new Influencer Marketing program.


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