ProMax Nutrition



Increase in overall traffic


Jump in new users


Higher ranking for key products



ProMax Nutrition is a dominant player in the competitive nutrition bar industry. They have developed a unique soy protein and whey combination that comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors, the most popular of which is cookie dough. Products are sold online through


Rankings for keyword terms were falling below expectations, limiting response to important new product offerings and generally holding down traffic. The National Positions SEO team spotted some key issues that were out of step with Google’s latest search requirements, and likely causing confusion for search engines.


The National Positions SEO experts noticed that multiple H1 tags were the source of the problem, and needed fixing to improve rankings. They spotted a dominant free shipping banner on product pages that created confusion, throwing up a harmful search barrier. Once the problem tag was moved to the appropriate product headline, the product pages experienced much stronger, more relevant search results.

The Results

Results show why it is vital to frequently update a website in response to Google’s constantly evolving demand for relevancy. Relevant search terms for key products are now ranking higher, with average position improved by 39% over the prior quarter. Interested site visitors are getting more relevant search results, enabling the client to better promote new products as well as older ones.


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