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E-Commerce Natural Health Supplements

As an online store for high quality natural health and nutrition supplements, supplies, and testing, Forrest Health offers an extensive selection of brands and products, along with a wealth of medically sound, current information. The site grew out of 25 years in clinical practice, combining health programs plus scientific testing and research.


Forrest Health attracted a significant amount of traffic to the web site, but the rate of conversions remained weak. Our challenge was to actively engage site visitors and turn them into customers, building on the site’s strengths, namely strong traffic and an unusually broad selection of brands and products. The site is bolstered by a deep archive of authoritative medical advice.


National Positions conversion rate optimization experts quickly realized that Forrest Health’s strong traffic needed a shot in the arm to derive value from more site visitors.

We applied a strategy of placing pop-ups at points of engagement to capture visitors and head off shopping cart abandonment. Value offers, like a new eBook on Natural Remedies, helped to build engagement and conversions while adding to a targeted mailing list for future growth.


After just 30 days with our strategic pop-up additions and value propositions, Forrest Health experienced dramatic year-over-year increases in nearly all KPIs. Revenue showed a steady increase, pushing the bottom line toward the kind of ROI growth that Forrest Health needs to stay strong in a highly competitive online arena.


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