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Local and Home Services

Distinctive Home Care provides high quality, customized care for adults living at home. The agency assists with the most basic, essential functions of everyday living. including ambulating, managing medication, and more.


National Positions knew that the client website’s conversion rate was underperforming, resulting in a lack of sufficient quality leads. Our challenge was to improve results, given that Distinctive Home Care’s most valued leads often came from phone responses.

This unusual customer profile helped to explain low results in form-fill responses. We took this specialized factor into account as we developed a targeted strategy.


Our strategy grew out of a customized, individual approach to each of our clients. We tested new keywords and tracked results, then built an entirely new, high-converting landing page, targeting the most relevant keywords.

We continue to test and refine the PPC campaign based on landing page results.


After nearly 6 months of tracking, National Positions was able to produce high-impact measurable results, improving Distinctive Home Care’s analytics in all areas. Results continue to improve, as the agency is seeing their ongoing ads and top keywords rise in page rankings.


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