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Americas Profession ScreenshotAMERICA’S PROFESSOR

America’s Professor has a 35-year history of teaching insurance pre-licensing courses. Tailored to reflect the most current U.S. national and state requirements, their professional instructors bring a lively, real-world video presentation right to your home or office setting. A combination of entertaining videos, thorough textbook and plentiful practice questions ensure that each subscriber is prepped and ready when it’s time to sit for that all-important pre-licensing exam.


America’s Professor reaches audiences in most states in the U.S., with specialized training tailored to their individual state licensing requirements. AP had been focusing their paid search ads towards state-targeted audiences—often a smart tactic. However, with limited budget spread among too many state campaigns, the results were few and far between, and they were underperforming client expectations.


The National Positions Paid Search team went to work, setting up service-specific ad groups within each state campaign. In addition, the team leveraged demographic, geographic and time-of-day targeting to utilize the limited budget to its fullest. Once these best practices were in place, they refocused the campaign goals to look beyond simple cost per conversion and started assessing conversion value increase—in other words, measuring revenue resulting from these changes.


As a long-time SEO client of National Positions, America’s Professor added our paid search program one year ago with outstanding results. Looking at current year-over-year comparisons, the client’s conversion rate increased by a generous 65%, while average page positions per ad increased by 41%. Most telling of all, the conversion value increase (translate: revenue!) came through at +66%. All results are on the upside—even the cost-per-conversion dropped by 30%, saving the client $1500/month on their advertising costs.


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