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The American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT) teaches students the hands-on skills needed to succeed as fitness professionals. Their accredited program of personal trainer courses offers flexible scheduling and a dynamic learning environment. What sets AAPT apart from their competition? Besides providing a full range of flexible scheduling choices (full-time or part-time), they offer a special package of three certificates for the price of one, and now boast multiple 5-star reviews.


In December of 2016, AAPT was falling behind its competitors, especially in key terms for paid search. Although AAPT’s website was informative and professional, the National Positions team diagnosed it as lacking the necessary reviews and ratings. In addition, AAPT’s two locations were not clearly separated on different social media platforms, inhibiting overall website traffic.


By implementing Positive Reviews Pro, National Positions managed requests for private and public reviews and improved AAPT’s reputation, adding more strong reviews. In order to obtain additional feedback and social proof, our onsite experts worked systematically to gain private testimonials, then ask positive reviewers to grant public reviews as well. The two AAPT locations were clearly separated in Google My Business listings and more, adding to improved feedback. AAPT’s reward offer of three certificates for the price of one helped to further increase positive public reviews.


In just one quarter, AAPT’s reviews rating went from 2 stars in Q4 of 2016 to 4.9 stars by the end of Q1 2017. Thanks to all the new activity, the AAPT site was able to gain a significantly higher domain authority.  Overall website traffic went from 5,600 visitors to 9,000 visitors, 41% of which came from organic traffic increases. Best of all, paid search traffic showed the largest growth, at +579%. All this activity served to improve the client’s position in paid search, earning more business while spending less on ads.


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