Breaking Down SEO

August 20, 2010

If you own or work for an SEO company, or if you have hired one to provide you with SEO services, you may have overlooked even the most basic of themes in SEO. Search engines are the life of SEO by definition, but have you ever wondered just why we optimize for search engines?

Rather than just sit back and hope that people stumble across your website, it is important to market yourself online to have the farthest possible reach. As the Internet has grown over the years, search engines have become arguably the most important parts of the online market.

Here are some reasons why optimizing for major search engines will help increase traffic on your website:

  • SEO results are measurable on major search engines, so you can see just how your SEO campaign is working for you. You also get feedback much faster.
  • PPC strategies on major engines are more efficient ways to reach your target audience.
  • Search engines are less susceptible to viruses and fraud, so you know that you will receive high quality traffic to your site
  • You may be wasting time if you or your SEO company are trying to optimize solely for small search engines because they may never see the amount of high quality traffic as a major engine does.

What’s the new marketing mindset?

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