Blogging for Business

May 23, 2011

More and more companies today are blogging than ever before. Blogs by businesses and organizations today are not only flourishing in volume, but also increasing in their value. So why is blogging something every company should do? What exactly is all the buzz on blogging?

Blogging is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to interact and build an online community with your target audience. A few of the benefits of blogging include its positive effects on SEO, strengthening your brand promotion, as well as integrating your company on the web in a creative, vibrant way. Utilizing a blog allows your company to provide valuable information it’s looking to share with its client base. Giving your client base helpful information for free will also increase good rapport between your client base and your company, increasing the possibility of more leads and more clients. It’s crucial for companies to convey fresh, creative content so more people will visit and return to your blog, creating more leads and potential sales for your company.

Even better, there is a growing audience to reach through blogging. The population of blog readers today across the globe is growing exponentially. Hubspot’s marketing statistics show that the number of blog readers around the world was a whopping 65% in 2010, a 10% increase from the amount of blog readers in just two years from 2008 – and it keeps amplifying. An increasing blog-reading audience means that blogging will be a beneficial way to generate more leads for your company. One of the best parts of blogging? Its cost-effectiveness.

In National Positions‘ new presentation on the biggest Internet Marketing trends of 2011, you can find that 55% of companies report that blogs are the most cost-effective lead generating source. This means that the majority of companies who are taking advantage of the beauty of blogging say blogging is a practical and worthwhile method to generate more traffic to your website and your company.

In fact, more companies are increasing their budget focus on blogging and various social media because of its cost-effectiveness. The average budget spent on blogs and social media in 2011 increased 8%, from 9% to a growing 17%.

Blogging is well worth the easy investment for any company looking to stay ahead of the marketing curve and create valuable connections with people on the web. Blogging can convey unbelievable results for your company by helping with SEO, brand promotion, lead generation, and more at virtually no cost. And that’s the buzz on blogging.

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