Bing’s In-Car Search Affects SEO

January 7, 2011

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Toyota announced that Bing search will now be available to users in its Entune multimedia system in cars. With more and more people using smartphones to search the Internet on the go, it seems only logical that a full search system would develop for automobiles.

While technology exists to help people get directions and find local gas stations and restaurants through their GPS systems, a full-service search engine will likely strengthen what is already in place. With Bing going on the road, will more companies follow suit? And how does this affect your search engine rankings?

Now that Bing-enabled navigation systems are in cars, there will likely be more real-time results shown to the user. The main thing people will search for are local amenities, such as gas stations, restaurants and entertainment. By optimizing for local search, your company will see benefits in the form of people being directed to your location. While it appears unlikely that this will increase Web traffic, your brick-and-mortar store will be boosted.

To take advantage of this right away, it is important to create local profiles on the Internet and submit them to Bing and sites with local listings and directories. By including all relevant information in your profile such as phone number, address and descriptions, you should have no trouble popping up in the new results.

Bing may have made the big local search announcement this week, but don’t count other businesses, especially Google, out just yet. Google results pages are becoming increasingly local, displaying results and maps for searchers to help them get the best quality information close to home. It seems to be a matter of time before there is the next shift in local search. Will you be ready?

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