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July 22, 2010

Today we want to get back to our discussion of the new Yahoo! and Bing search alliance by shedding light on a few of the features that Bing incorporates into its search results. By doing this, you will be able to see how Yahoo! search results powered by Bing (which is beginning to roll out) may affect your search engine optimization campaigns.

To effectively optimize your website to maintain or improve your rankings, you need to first know some things about Bing. Bing search results allow a user to see a preview of your website before they click, and you have control over what they see.

Here are a few of the features that you may notice and how you can optimize for the transition:

  • A preview box will display your H1 tag – It will do this if your tag is different than your pages title tag. By having a variation in your tag, you can dictate what the user will see.
  • Users will see your first paragraph of text on your page – Writing enticing copy will capture the user’s attention and draw them to your site.
  • Your company’s contact information will be shown but only if it appears as regular text on that specific page.
  • Any embedded YouTube videos will appear, allowing users to watch straight from the preview.

Basically, you can help your SEO efforts by optimizing your content to be seen by all of the features of the preview box. By having content that is relevant to the rest of your site, as well as what your visitors are looking for, you will find your website ranking higher in all of the search engines.

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