Avoid Common eCommerce Mistakes

April 12, 2012

Earlier in the week, we suggested ways in which you could Boost eCommerce Conversions so that your online business would succeed. Now we’ve decided to bring you a list of mistakes that you should avoid making on your site so that customers don’t leave your page before checking out.

Slow Site

We’ve all been on one of those websites where you get frustrated at how slow it is performing, so you decide to spare yourself the headache and simply close the window. Some reasons that your site might be running slow is due to third-party plug-ins, ads, or videos that start to play once a visitor lands on your page.

If your page goes from loading in 8 seconds to 2 seconds, conversion rates increase 74%. Who wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Difficult Site

There shouldn’t be too many steps in the checkout process, because consumers will get confused and most likely stop checking out. There shouldn’t be more than five steps before customers succeed at making a purchase. The process should include:

Welcome/Cart contents page

Bill-to information

Ship-to information (if different than billing)

Payment section

Confirmation page

Frustrating Credit Card Entry Method

Have you ever gone to purchase something and when checking out, you forget to enter something like your zip code only to have a message appear telling you that you need to enter the required field. So you go to enter your zip code to find that all of the information you had previously entered has been wiped clean? Isn’t that so annoying? Well, your customers feel the same way.

Also, find out the countries where consumers are buying from the most so that when they go to select their country, they’re at the top of the list instead of having to scroll through a list of different ones. They’ll thank you.

Shipping Charges

You shouldn’t charge more than 10% of the overall cost of the items that will be shipping. Consumers might feel like they’re getting a great deal on a product until they see what they’ll be paying for shipping. This will make them more likely to quit the process.

Site Performance

Make sure that your website runs properly and efficiently on every type of browser. Just because you like to use a certain one doesn’t mean every customer will or that your site will run smoothly on older versions of browsers. If you make sure that your site runs properly on all types of browsers, your customers will be less likely to give up during the checkout process.

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