Are You Succeeding at Social Media?

April 20, 2012

If you are a business with business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, it’s important to reach all of your potential customers that are on these social media sites. While you might post often, are you making it easy for your posts to be found and shared?


The good news is that it’s easy to see how much engagement is occurring on your social media accounts with different analytics tools. If you’re posting updates, you should pay attention to how users engage with your content.


If you’re on Facebook, are users sharing, liking and commenting your updates? Every time one of your fans does one of these things, it will come up in their friends’ news feeds. This makes it easier for others to have access to your content. Make sure that the language you use on Facebook is engaging to grab users’ attention. Unfortunately, content isn’t as public on Facebook, so you can’t use hash tags yet like you would with sites like Twitter.


For Twitter, your followers should be mentioning you in replies or re-tweeting your tweets to their followers. It’s much easier to reach users from all over the world, because it’s more public than Facebook. By using hash tags, users are able to search for these specific keywords. Make sure you use keywords that are most relevant to what you’re posting about, not what you think will get you found by the most people. Since you’re limited to 140 characters, sites like bitly let you shorten your links and track your links.


Google+ lets users +1 content, making it so they give their stamp of approval. They’re also able to comment and share your posts. A helpful tool that Google+ integrated to their site is a “Trending on Google+” section, so users are able to search for specific topics they’re interested in. When they share your posts, they can choose to share them with specific Circles that would benefit most from your posts depending on the topic.


With Pinterest, users can re-pin posts that you pin on your board. It makes it easy for others to do the same, so you want to make sure you are posting visually engaging content to the site so that users are drawn to what you post.

If you adapt the way you post for each social media site, you’ll be able to engage users better and succeed at social media.

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