Is social media more important than search engines?

July 15, 2010

It is no question that social media sites and resources are on the rise, but are they becoming more popular, and more important, for Internet marketing success? All of the important factors are there: word-of-mouth advertising, target audiences, niche markets.

Users of social media sites have the ability to search for companies and products, establish connections with them, and share links to company profiles and videos with the click of a button.

Pay per click advertising on these sites is tailored to keywords a user may be unaware that he or she placed in their own profile. For example, if you’ve recently gotten engaged you will find that the sponsored ads deal a lot more with wedding planning, bridal dresses and honeymoon destinations.

A single site has almost everything you would need to start an Internet marketing or search engine optimization campaign. You can upload a video, share it with your customers, gain feedback and drive traffic to your main website all in a matter of minutes.

With our search engine optimization and social media services, National Positions can help optimize not only your company website to be ranked higher on search engines, but also your social media presence to be seen by the countless number of individuals browsing social media sites daily. There are over 400 million current active users on Facebook alone. What are you waiting for?

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