All About Google’s Algorithm Update

March 19, 2012

Big news in the SEO world was announced at SXSW recently by the head of Google’s search spam team, Matt Cutts. In the upcoming weeks, Google’s algorithm update will penalize sites that are overly-optimized. If your website is deemed ‘overly SEO’d’ by the crawlers, your rankings will suffer.

What the Update Means

The algorithm update Google is working on leveling the SEO playing field by rewarding websites that have valuable content and punishing sites that have spammy content.

This is yet another move by Google to ensure that its search results deliver valuable websites to its users. This is why Google’s Panda Update is so important. By weeding out the sites that are low-quality, the most valuable sites will be found first in search results. The newest algorithm updates are part in parcel with the goal to provide a superior user experience.

What You Can Do

Make sure that your content is fresh and valuable so that readers can take something away from your posts. Make sure you aren’t practicing keyword stuffing, posting hidden links or spamming users, because these techniques are viewed as shady.

How You’ll Be Affected

Don’t worry, the update won’t affect everyone. If your content is powered by useful topics, you won’t be punished for practicing SEO. Those who drive their data by keywords and links will undergo a decrease in search ranking.

If you’re selecting topics to cover based on what readers can benefit from, then you shouldn’t even sense a change from the update, but if you’re selecting what you should write about based on keywords you want to be found for, you won’t be rewarded by Google in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another important factor is whether or not you’re being shared socially. This is important, because if users value your content, they’ll share it so others can profit as well.

The algorithm update won’t hurt SEO you use to make your sites more crawlable and more available in search results. White hat SEO practices or those who do little to no SEO won’t be hurt by this update, but anyone else who is performing shady SEO techniques will be.

Sites Affected

Any site that practices gray hat SEO or doesn’t have valuable content and puts themselves before the reader will be hurt by the algorithm update. If you’re one of these websites, Google will eventually find out about the content you’ve been posting and in due course, you’ll be penalized.

As long as you’ve been creating important content for readers instead of focusing on how many people will find your website in searches, then you have nothing to worry about.

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