Google Rolls Out AdWords “Callout Extensions” Highlighting Offers Within Ads

September 5, 2014

Google has recently announced they are rolling out another addition to their Google AdWords platform, a new feature deemed “Callout extensions.” 

Callout extensions are essentially additional text that will appear alongside your Google search ads–giving advertisers the opportunity to highlight specific information, draw attention to some of the more important elements of their offers, and ultimately increase click-through rates.

This should be good news for advertisers and PPC management companies. As Google put it on their blog, the addition of Callouts to the AdWords platform will allow advertisers to “call out what matters most to your customers.”

The premise behind Callout extensions is simple: the more information you can give people up front about your products and services the better. The quicker you cut to the chase and the more easily you can highlight your USP or draw attention to important details about a given product or service, the better informed (and more qualified) a lead will be before clicking on your ad or visiting your site.

Google SERP Ads Example

Whether you have a special offer, a price reduction, free-shipping or a new and improved version of a favorite product–getting that information out there will help attract customers and enable them to feel confident that they’re making better purchasing decisions online.

Not only will Callouts give potential customers key pieces of information about your products and services before they click your ad, they will also become a factor in Ad Rank. Callouts will be able to managed from the Ad extensions tab, and because they can be added at a campaign as well as an ad group level, you can create Callouts as general— differentiating your business from your competitors–or as specific to the details of your products and services as you’d like.

After their official roll-out last week, Callouts will soon be fully available to all advertisers in the weeks ahead.


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