At National Positions, our team is constantly researching and finding new ways to empower your campaign with the most innovative technology to drive traffic, leads, and sales to your website. We use an array of tools, licensed through strategic partnerships as well as proprietary technology developed in-house.

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Search Engine Optimization has undergone a transformation over the last few years, due to dozens of Google Search algorithm updates and changes. In the new era of Search, it is crucial to have a website with a strong technical foundation and user-friendly structure.

To optimize your website and power your SEO, we use a proprietary SEO platform that monitors hundreds of technical elements on your website that could be hindering your performance in Search: broken links, server errors, timeout errors, page speed, canonical issues, and other indexing problems. Our SEO platform makes strategic recommendations for what needs fixing, and why and how to do it quickly. And finally, our platform creates custom website audit reports on a weekly basis to constantly track the health of your site.


The landscape of Paid Search has matured and, as a result, fragmented into so many different channels. It’s no longer enough to manage all your PPC through Adwords. Your strategy must be much more segmented and dependent upon your market and whether you’re operating a local business, an ecommerce website, or an online lead generation site.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising team uses several tools to effectively manage and optimize the specific needs of your online advertising campaign.

For ecommerce merchants, we leverage a powerful ecommerce channel management platform that helps us to optimize product data feeds and submit them to the top shopping engines and marketplaces, which ensure that your products are found on Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Bing Shopping, Shopzilla, and many more.

For content marketing and social media campaigns, we leverage native advertising and content delivery networks such as OutBrain to build your brand awareness and drive quality traffic to your most valuable content.


An important ingredient in promoting your local campaign is building accurate information about your company across the web. Citations are more than just syndicating your business’s name, address, and phone number online. They include strategic link building to relevant industry, video, image, and niche directories.

To carry out the citation building process, our proprietary platform handles all the heavy lifting. Our technology allows for single- or multi-location businesses, including franchises, to order, edit, and manage their listings all at a fraction of the price of the competition.



GrowInfluence, our cloud-based ad platform, helps marketers to easily increase their online reach by hiring top social influencers.

The platform’s extensive database of Influencers allows Marketers to connect with content creators on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Our Marketplace Our Marketplace helps to automate the matching of brands with influencers from around the world. It facilitates campaign creation, influencer team hiring, campaign management, and measurement of influencer marketing programs from a single platform.


An effective Marketing Automation platform is the central hub for all of your lead generation and campaign tracking. At National Positions, our marketing automation platform helps businesses identify new lead prospects while driving sales through the sales pipeline. The system uses personalized drip emails to convert visitors into customers.

The marketing platform uses behavioral-based emails to ensure that prospects receive the right message at just the right time. With easy-to-use triggers, dynamic forms, and dynamic content capabilities, our platform is one of the most sophisticated of its kind but at half the price of the competition.

Tracking your marketing spending is crucial to online success. With our marketing automation platform, you can track all of your marketing campaigns from one central place. This allows you to understand which campaigns are worth increasing and which ones need to be optimized or eliminated.


Our National Insights™ Conversion Growth Pack is a full suite of user experience and conversion tools. The platform allows you to review the activity of users in real time. You can actually watch web visitors as they traverse your site. With this kind of live analytics, you are able to identify choke points that will allow you to increase more conversions for your company.

This innovative product tracks videos of each visitor, creates heat maps, tracks form fill issues, provides instant messenger support, and much more.

If you would like to truly understand user experience on multiple devices and take your analytics to a whole new level then the National Insights™ Conversion Growth Pack is probably a good fit for you.


With the ever-increasing acquisition cost of traffic to your website, every website interaction is important. National Positions offers a variety of best practice landing page solutions depending on whether you are an ecommerce or lead generation company.

For ecommerce, we utilize Optimizely, the world-class landing page design and experimentation platform that allows for easy split test implantation on most of the top ecommerce platforms and across all the most popular devices.

For lead generation sites, we use Unbounce for our landing page development. Unbounce comes with over 125 best practice landing pages that allow rapid deployment across multiple devices


Digital marketers understand that quality content is critical to driving traffic, leads, and sales through your website.

At National Positions, we are a huge fan of BuzzSumo which enables us to quickly and effectively identify content opportunities and content topics, as well as top influencers for your business. BuzzSumo allows us to use just the right balance of curated and original content. Not only is it effective in deciding which content distribution platform to use, but also on monitoring performance such as shares, views, download, and comments.


Our clients love our reporting which is a source of pride for everyone in the client services department. Our reporting platform allows us to create custom SEO, Social, and PPC reports. The reports include easy-to-understand tables and graphs, allowing you to effortlessly track performance and task completions.

Our reporting platform also includes a campaign management platform, allowing us to access over twenty data connectors, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search Analytics from Google Search Console (GWT), Bing Ads, Twitter, Facebook, and more!

The platform also monitors and constantly crawls your site to identify technology issues. Any critical issues can alert the team so that they can handle any unexpected issues as they arise.


Managing and converting leads into customers is a critical activity for all small businesses. Our mobile-friendly lead management platform allows you to easily track and listen to phone calls, manage form fills, tag leads for follow-up, and much more. The platform enables you to keep in touch with your leads by scheduling and sending out emails to your prospects and customers. You don’t have to worry any longer about missing a lead with our lead notification system that texts your employees in the field when an important lead is received.


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