Growth Tactic #71 A/B Test Subject Lines for Better Open Rate

April 14, 2017

What’s the best part of any email? Some might say the offer, some might say the graphics, but no one is going to say anything if your subject line falls flat…because no one is going to open the email in the first place. So, no matter what part of an email you fancy the most, there’s little room for debate that the subject line is the most important. Learn how to test for the best with Growth Tactic #71, A/B Test Subject Lines for Better Open Rate. It’s the newest addition to your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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You’ve got one chance to get contacts to open your email. Well, actually you’ve got two—if you A/B test, which you should be doing every time you press “send.” Running these tests will help you determine which subject lines work wonders…and which ones make your readers auto-delete. Not only can you alter the actual wording, you can play with special characters, emojis, first name usage and more. Get creative and get testing—your open rate and click rate depend on it!

P.S. You can test other variables in your email, once you’ve mastered A/B testing your subject lines (the fun never ends!).


STEP ONE: Brush up on your A/B testing strategies by reviewing the listings in our Resources and Tools section below. Keep in mind that the two subject lines you’re testing can be vastly different from one another, or you can change something as simple as capitalization (like you would if you were A/B testing your homepage or your calls-to-action).

STEP TWO: Make sure that your current email platform is equipped for A/B testing. If you don’t have a current platform, check out the tools below for some suggestions. If your existing platform doesn’t have this option, make a switch and upgrade, or set it up manually.

STEP THREE: If you’ve run A/B tests in the past, it’s time to give it another go. If you’re new to this concept, review your platform’s steps for setting up your first test. Make sure to keep track of and analyze results so that you can implement what you’ve learned when you get ready to test your next email.


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