7 ways to link to increase exposure

July 30, 2010

Social media is quickly becoming a cornerstone of the Internet as we know it today. It can be a vital tool in link building, creating buzz for your product or service and engaging your target audience. How can you take advantage of the social web to boost your Internet advertising and SEO campaigns? Simple. Here are 7 tips to increase your brand’s exposure online:

  1. Create Profiles on Social Networking Sites – Profiles give you a chance to connect with business partners, as well as customers with similar interests.
  2. Social Bookmarking – Bookmarking will create guaranteed traffic for your website, as well as quick indexing and branding.
  3. Create a public blog – A public blog creates new content and reaches out to your community. Links to and from blogs improve site traffic and rankings.
  4. Use RSS feeds – RSS feeds encourage the exchange of information on the Internet. RSS links allow crawlers to read your content and index your site more easily, which increases your rankings.
  5. Article spinning and submitting – This is an effective way to distribute articles and link back to your website. Spinning your articles keeps them from being seen as duplicates and can be done in much less time than submitting to each site manually.
  6. Press releases – Press releases allow you to distribute news about your company to your audience and generate inbound links to your site at the same time.
  7. Video SEO – Create a video for your company and optimize it for search engines. A compelling video will capture your audience’s attention and will be seen by a number of people. This leads to more views of the video, more traffic to your site and more sales.

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