5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

August 20, 2012

Mobile Marketing image with Local

Mobile Marketing image with Local

Mobile technology is transforming online business. Smartphones and tablet computers give customers access to products and services in exciting new ways. In fact, mobile commerce is the fastest growing market in history. 71% of mobile users have searched after seeing a mobile ad. 53% of mobile users purchase products/services as a result of a mobile search. And 90% of mobile users take action within 24 hours (purchase online, visit the store, etc.).Yet only 33% of all websites are optimized for mobile search.

What does this tell you? of all the immediacy and power mobile search offers, few businesses are taking advantage of this amazing new market. Perhaps that’s because companies are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. But don’t be shy! Here are five simple steps to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Step #1: Know the User

Realize most people always have their mobile on hand or hip. They have a personal relationship with their mobile device, which is why there is a huge opportunity in mobile marketing.

Step #2: What’s Your Data Saying?

Analyze the data from your website and mobile users. Was there any information they go to find specifically? What pages are viewed most? At what page did they leave? Use this information to better tailor you landing page.

Step #3: Scale Your Content for the Small Screens

If you don’t have an in house team ready to work wave their techy wands and magically shrink everything on your site down perfectly you’ll need to find a strong mobile Web technology platform provider that can deliver the same page across the different mobile services.

The fact is 50% of users abandon a page if it hasn’t loaded within 10 seconds, and three out of five of those users never return. As with everything avoid using quick & simple site builders. Don’t give up quality for speed.

Step #4: Knowledge Needs to be Used

So you’ve analyzed your site; now it’s time to use it. If you see that 90% of users are looking for your location or products then perhaps you should put a button linking their on the landing page. Making it easier for your customers to use your site will make them more likely to use it and use your company.

Step #5: Learn From the Best

Don’t know where you’re lacking? Try visiting the mobile sites of some of the big names. Look at the difference between their mobile site and yours and start coming up with ideas to improve yours.

They key thing is that you should gather as much information and use it: Regularly. Make sure your data is consistent and if it’s not then take the time to tweak your mobile site to your advantage.

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