5 Simple Steps to Improving your PPC Campaign

August 6, 2012

If you are running your own small business, you have probably experimented with some Google Adwords, or at least thought about how to advertise on the web. If you decided to try it out, you might have created a PPC campaign and only seen decent results. As is often the case, business owners pay little attention to their PPC campaign because they’re extremely buys, yet they’re satisfied with the campaign because it’s creating a small slice of their income.

Why are so many companies satisfied with mediocre results? Often, they don’t know what they’re missing. They don’t know the metrics of their market, and what they stand to profit by optimizing their PPC campaign.
If this sounds familiar, you must stop settling for minimal results. You can maximize online sales by setting up your PPC campaign correctly.

PPC campaigns are not a “set it and forget it” campaign. They require occasional tweaking and improving so that you stay ahead of your competition and in front of your customers.
With these 5 simple steps you can improve your PPC campaign to bring it up to its maximum efficiency and bring your profits up too!

5 Simple Steps to Improving your PPC Campaign

1. Check your account history for changes that you made which have affected you results. This constantly needs to be checked and improved so that you can stay in front of your customers.
2. Check your Impression Share to see how many impressions you had the opportunity to receive verses how many you actually received. Basically it means how many times your ad shows up on searches. Impressions can be lost because of things like keyword match or low ad rank. So keep on top of it.
3. Check your Quality Score to see how relevant your ads, keywords and landing pages are to the searchers. When calculating this you need to make sure you count in your CTR, account history and landing page quality.
4. Check your Click Through Rate to see how often people click on your ads.
5. Regular Ad Testing, if you have sufficient traffic volume, is a great way to figure out a winning ad in a short amount of time. Make sure each as has its own unique landing page that is connected to the ads message. Ads and landing pages the only thing your customers see so you need to make them count!

Now that you know these easy steps you can start to see the results in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Take a few minutes and check the metrics of your PPC campaign. They’ll give you a good idea of where you currently stand, as well as what your business can look like if you truly optimize your online advertising strategy with a top PPC management company.

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