12 Ways to Repurpose Great Content for No Cost

December 24, 2016

12 Ways to Repurpose Great Content for No Cost

The content on your website is a key factor in drawing in visitors. No doubt, you invest time and money in making it work to attract, acquire and convert customers. Stretching your investment so that you get the most use of your content has two distinct advantages for your business. First, it saves money when you use existing content in multiple ways. Second, your business can reach new users by delivering your message in formats and locations that appeal to them. Here are 12 ways to repurpose great content for no cost and make it work for you over and over again.

1. Turn old blog posts into guides

Chances are that you have a host of blogs covering the same general topics. Gather them all together according to their connecting theme. Give those posts a fresh update for new developments, then assemble and publish them as a definitive guide or an ebook.

2. Create a webinar

Create a webinar presentation, along with related slides and a script, highlighting a particular aspect of your business that you want to draw attention to right now. Start by live streaming the webinar, then use SlideShare to publish the slide presentation. Throw the whole webinar up on Vimeo or YouTube and embed it on your website. Pull short clips from your webinars to post on social media.

3. Use your slides to make an infographic


Image source: http://www.frac.tl/innovative-content-formats/

Infographics are a hot marketing item. They combine vibrant graphics with informative snippets of data, delivering information with a significant punch. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make an infographic. Use some available templates found online, add your high-quality content, then some eye-catching graphics, and you’re ready to spread your message–again!

4. Repurpose a blog post into a podcast

Podcasts are another darling of content marketing. Commuters today want to be both entertained and informed–a tall order for most radio stations out there. Along comes your informative podcast to fill the gap! If you feel your own voice doesn’t have the right sound, hire a freelance vocal talent. Have them read a blog post of yours that has been edited to a conversational style, just like you’re talking with a friend. Use one of the popular software programs designed to make the job easy, as reviewed in this post from Razor Social.

5. Make statistics into Twitter posts


Image source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/02/03/repurposing-content

Chances are that your content has statistics sprinkled throughout. Even if they are scattered across multiple locations on your website, pull them together and make them into posts on Twitter. Concise, compelling stats, complete with a link to your site where more information can be found, fit nicely into Twitter’s guidelines. You can also create images to go along with your stats that encourage others to share.

6. Use syndication networks

Syndicating your content is a nearly painless method of getting it in front of a larger audience. This content will usually appear on other blogs as “Suggested Reading” or “Promoted Stories.” Repurpose content on sites like Outbrain, Taboola or PR Newswire and watch your traffic soar.

7. Couple images and content excerpts for Facebook posts

Begin with a small snippet of content that you want to highlight, for example, from a well-liked blog post. Pair it with an eye-catching image and post it to your Facebook account. While it’s not mandatory that you link to the original blog post when doing this, it can help build your brand if you do.

8. Get your images out there–everywhere


Image source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7552-pinterest-business-guide.html

Select images that best capture your brand and pin them to related boards on Pinterest. Make sure that the content supporting these images is directly related, and that it has been freshly updated.

9. Develop a newsletter

You can increase the engagement of your email subscribers by gathering the takeaways from your blog posts into a handy newsletter filled with tips. Promoting this as a stand-alone newsletter makes it easier to highlight its focus compared to other mailings that you typically send.

10. Gather interviews into an ebook

Does your business model lend itself to lots of expert views? Do you have content already on your website that contains snippets of interviews or quotes from industry experts? If your answers to these questions are yes and yes, then you have the basis of an ebook. Populated by expert advice and opinions, this type of ebook is quick and easy to put together. Because you already have most of the content, you simply need to pull it together in a meaningful way.

11. Max out your Instagram account

Notice how we’ve talked about images throughout this piece? Maximize their value by posting them to your business’ Instagram account. If your business doesn’t have an Instagram account yet, this is the perfect time to start one. It provides another social media outlet that lets you post short snippets of information and attention-grabbing images. Always make sure you include a link back to the content you’re talking about or to your main site.

12. Repurpose content into a Q&A format

Sites like Quora field user questions that often beg for experts to come in and provide exceptional guidance. Get into the habit of searching through the site for questions related to your brand. Use a portion of the existing content on your site and paste it in as an answer. Taking this route will quickly build your brand as the go-to place for answers to sticky questions within your industry.

Of course, there are many more great methods for repurposing content than these 12. However, these are the ones that have demonstrated a successful track record for increasing traffic and conversions. Did your favorite idea of reusing your content fail to make the list? Share it with other readers in the comments below, or contact us for help in putting more content marketing strategies to work for you.

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