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7 Ridiculously Simple Tricks to Grow Local Business Leads

December 6, 2016

Lead generation is a key element for any successful business. Hearing some experts tell it, though, generating leads sounds like a complicated venture that could give pause to small business owners. After all, who has time for complex formulas and strategies when you have a business to run? Fortunately, you can use these 7 ridiculously simple tricks to grow local business leads for yourself. 1. Enhance Google My Business (GMB) API If you're not making full use of the GMB

10 Best Ways to Acquire Customers and Spend Less

December 2, 2016

Given that a business pays as much as six to seven times more to acquire customers than to keep them, a strong acquisition strategy is crucial. It's likely you're now spending significant budget to land each customer relationship, so we want to share our 10 best ways to acquire more customers while spending less. Scroll down to the end for a special Bonus Tip... 1. The Strategic Alliance to Acquire Customers You can control your marketing spend by building your

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10 Email Marketing Campaigns that Will Blow Your Mind

November 30, 2016

It might seem slightly taboo, but email marketing campaigns are still among the most reliable forms of outreach for growing your business. The trick to generating response and converting leads is learning to create unique, well-targeted campaigns. The Radicati Group demonstrated the burgeoning audience for emails in their Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017, which documented that if you add the total number of Facebook accounts, plus the total of Twitter accounts, you'll find you are still below the total number of

9 Steps to Skyrocket Conversions with Great Content Marketing

November 29, 2016

Content marketing is the future. The growing benefits of using social media and engaging content to drive traffic and sales seem obvious, but knowing the best way to jump on the content marketing trend--well, not so much. Meanwhile, companies in every market continue to make the shift, and you don't want to be left behind. We're offering 9 steps to help you achieve great content marketing that will skyrocket your conversions. Together, they form a comprehensive approach you can tailor

Top 20 Tips Proven to Boost Conversions up to 200%

November 21, 2016

Your conversion rate, the number of website visitors who take action, is the final metric that matters--the one that validates all your other efforts. Here are 20 easy-to-digest, practical tips, proven to help you boost conversions by as much as 200%. Adapt these ideas to fit your business and get the greatest possible return out of all your marketing efforts. 1. Test options for the call to action. A/B testing is essential to finding the reasons behind low conversions. Changing

Penguin 4.0 – Is It Impacting Your Site

September 28, 2016

After years of anticipation and a fair amount of excitement last Friday, the visible impact of Google's new Penguin 4.0 seems to be underwhelming--so far. The consensus is that, in fact, there has been no impact. The new release of Penguin 4.0, confirmed last Friday on Google's blog, means link penalties will be refreshed in real time, so that in theory, ranking corrections and improvements to a site's rankings will happen quickly and not require months or even years of
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